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There is no place like home to celebrate a twelve year love story … it is where it all began for Jenni + Josh.

Guests arrived by trolley and were greeted in the long driveway with a champagne bar before heading into the garden for the ceremony. A true Maine cocktail hour kicked off the celebration with a jazz trio, oysters, adirondack chairs along the seaside. Dinner and dancing was held in an outdoor “room” built into the cliffed point of the property with scenic views as far as the eye could see. An elegant family style dinner was enjoyed and followed by a naked tiered champagne cake. (Who doesn’t love a wedding bookended by champagne?!!)

The day’s design was very classic in nature but a modern twist on coastal chic – clean lines, mixtures of patterns and textures, hues of blue with surprise pops of color and metallics – all carefully selected to compliment the landscape.

Everyone danced into the night under a ceiling of stars on the floor of waves. The supermoon and s’mores kept them company at the late night bonfire on beach.

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like Maine.

See much more about Jenni + Josh’s celebration in the latest annual Wedding Issue of Maine Magazine.

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planning + design: b merry events | photography: Stacey Kane Photography | catering + bar service + desserts: Dandelion Catering | tent: Leavitt & Parris | floral design: Emily Carter Floral Designs | lighting design: The Event Light Pros | cake: Cake Elizabeth | music: Jim Ciampi Band | tabletop + furniture rentals: New England Country Rentals, One Stop Event Rentals, Chairman of the Board | linen rentals: BBJ Linen, Party Rental Ltd. | transportation: Portland Discovery, Maine Limousine Service | invitations + print pieces: Papier Gourmet | officiant: Lisa Greenberg (family friend) | make-up artist: Ariel Johnson | hair stylists: Ariel Johnson, Amore Styles | venue: Private Estate, Cape Elizabeth ME |

On a fabulous fall day in Maine, under a beautiful, towering tree at Laudholm Farm, Rory and Jess said “I do”.

At this lovely ceremony, I was extremely lucky to witness some of the best wedding vows ever spoken:

“I am pretty sure I have loved you since the first time I saw you smile. I think my heart knew from that point that you were the one, and my brain just needed to play catch-up for the next ten years.

It’s not just your smile I love – but why you smile and who you are.

I love the way you smile when you are being silly. And I promise to always be silly with you.

I love the way you smile when you’re with your family. And I promise to always put family first.

I love the way you smile when you have done something for the first time. And I promise to always push you to try new things.

I love the way you smile when you are telling me about a good day at work. And I promise to always support you in whatever you do.

I love the way you smile when you are feeling naughty. And I promise to always be naughty with you.

I love the way you smile when you say ‘I love you’. And I promise to say “I love you” every chance I get.

Baby, I loved the way you smiled when you said ‘yes’. And I promise to spend the rest of my life celebrating that commitment with you.” – Rory to Jess

Creative candlelight, decorative fruit and muted colors gave way to the bride’s vision of a Dutch still life painting. Well thought-out textures. Gold metals. Elegant comfort food. Extraordinary print pieces. Cozy details. Music that never stopped.

The day was about celebrating with family and friends. It was warm, personal and stunningly beautiful. That is what it is all about.

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| planning + design: b merry events | photography: Eric Laurits | catering + bar service: Dandelion Catering | floral design: One & Supp | lighting design: The Event Light Pros | ceremony music: family rockstars | reception music: Groove Authority | invitation & print pieces: Ruby the Fox | tent: One Stop Event Rentals | rentals: One Stop Event RentalsA Family Affair of Maine | transportation: Maine Limousine ServiceCountry Coach Charters | venue: Laudholm Farm |


In March of 2016 b merry events had the unique experience of collaborating with a crazy creative group of wedding professionals to design and engineer the Indian-Fusion room for BESWOON.

“Indian-Fusion” leaves the door wide open to interpretation when it comes to design …

The expected vision is bight colors, loads of draping fabric, and sparkle everywhere. Taking inspiration from a recent trip to Pierre’s Restaurant – a two-story plantation house in the Florida Keys – the room design went in a different direction.

Instead of Bollywood, think India Jones.

Think Gandhi and not gold elephants.

Imagine vacationing on in a high-end boutique hotel on the shore of India. Everything is airy and white, peppered with carved dark wood, and splashed with thoughtful uses of color – mainly from flowers and fibers. There is lots of texture. The lighting is ambient with the use of modern fixtures. There is amazing bright food served family style to encourage the cultural communal living. Styling is simple with lots of green plants and reflective fire. A few features of concrete gives a subtle nod to the sandstone buildings of India of old. There are some Moroccan and Persian influences.

It is modern. It is simple. It is light. It is comfortable. It is where you want to hang out all night, every night.

I could not be more proud of the outcome of the room or the Team of talents who made it happen. Thank you for believing in the vision, your inspiration, your energy, and for going above and beyond.

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| design + styling: b merry events | photography: Rodeo & Co. | catering + cake: 111 Maine Catering | bar services: Vena’s Fizz House | floral design: Emily Carter Floral Designs | paper + print design: The Brocade Blackboard | lighting design: The Event Light Pros | hair + make-up: River’s Edge Spa & Salon | henna: ReMarkable Blackbird | men’s attire: Mad Tux | gowns: Andrea’s Bridal | rentals: Peterson Party Center, Reserve Modern, b merry events |



There is no better time in Maine than the fall. There is no better place to be married than by the sea… in the fall. Whitney + Tom had the most spectacular day in October in Camden, Maine. It was thoughtful, it was charming, and it was about staying true to your hometown and all things local.

Three cheers to three years, Whitney + Tom!

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| planning: b merry events | photography: Corbin Gurkin Photography | catering: Swan’s Way | floral design: Seasons Downeast Designs | tent + lighting: Wallace Events | ceremony music: Augusto Salazar | reception music: Boston Common  | cake: Sweet Sensations | rentals: Wallace EventsNew England Country Rentals | hair: Kim Doll | make-up: Beauty Mark Spa  | transportation: Country Coach Charters, Luce Transportation | invitation suite: Saint John Street Press | ceremony venue: Pascal Hall | reception venue: private estate |

See more of this gorgeous wedding at  Corbin Gurkin Photography or published in the issue of The Knot New England or the issue of Utterly Engaged.

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